Avenue of Stars


To the "Avenue of Stars", it is best to wear a pair of sunglasses! This is not to play it cool, because there are glamorous movie star, as well as starlight shining harbor, dazzling very!

"Avenue of Stars" is a movie-themed attractions, there are over a hundred ground plaque engraved with a number of famous Hong Kong movie star and director of the handprints and signatures. Here you can not only claim to celebrity "signature" with them "handshake", even with the international martial arts star Bruce Lee, Hong Kong, a bronze statue of cartoon characters McDull photo. In addition, there are about 30 games a month of music, dance, theater and other performances or exhibitions staged here, maybe it will let you find the stars of tomorrow!

"Avenue of Stars" is also an excellent viewing position Victoria Harbour, night 8:00 "A Symphony of Lights" staged when is a best time, allowing you to harbor sky starlight, expand the trip Starchaser brigade. Reminder, remember to take pictures before the first win sunglasses Oh!

Hong Kong Hundred Years of Film History

Surrendered movie "Zhuangzi Tests His Wife" produced so far in 1913, the Hong Kong film industry for some centuries. There are over a hundred Fame plaque along the way you walk, the father of the Hong Kong Film Lai Man-wai, as well as the 1990s movie star plaque, all the way to witness the "Oriental Hollywood" Hundred Years of Film Development kingdom.