Eat hot pot arrived Choice - Garden Golden Pavilion Restaurant


Mong Chong Hing Square has always been a concentration of food and drink every night by the evening hours of the start, there must be a public restaurant entrance cases of female staff gathered, while loudly shouting what restaurant they belong preferential cuisine, while kept to after the passers-by distributing leaflets, one not to be missed! Among them a "pretty girls" Shengruhongzhong, constantly shouting: "8 House Garden Golden Pavilion Restaurant, just $ 68 a pot, drink a beer, soft drink herbal tea, with no time limit!" Overshadowed all the other voice "Leaflet "no one is her opponent!

Card bit hot pot fishing TV juice
Golden Pavilion Restaurant hot pot to the garden, it is best to choose the late afternoon 6:00 to 6:30 seated, will be able to be seated near a window in a card! Those card bit is very spacious, very comfortable sofa chair, on the opposite wall is another one of the big plasma TV, hot pot can enjoy the fun while accompanied by TV juice consumption.

Complete soup pot ingredients
Garden Golden Pavilion Restaurant Aberdeen traditional paper form tick tap hot pot ingredients, do not take food out into the guests, convenient and hygienic. Choose more soup, there are hot duck soup base supply, hot pot ingredients are delivered fresh every day to ensure that material soup thick!

Garden Golden Pavilion Restaurant
Address: 601 Nathan Road, Mong Kok Chong Hing Square, 8th Floor
Phone: 26269982 / 27822202