Hong Kong Aquarium Plaza


Please send me the fish before, you will certainly remember the piece of Goldfish Street in Kowloon (Sai Yeung Choi Street South)! There are more than 80% of the shops are selling fish and aquarium supplies, would like to come and fish-related, you can buy. Now, in addition Goldfish, fish fans the addition of a new gathering place, is located Quarry Bay Hong Kong Aquarium Plaza!

Hong Kong Aquarium Plaza a few posture?
Hong Kong Aquarium Plaza area of one hundred and ten thousand feet, features five theme Street, including high street, gardening Street, aquarium Street, a total of more than 60 stores, of which more than forty rooms for the aquarium shop, selling a variety of fish and marine life, all-inclusive. At present a total of one hundred and twenty Aquarium Plaza employees, in order to cater to business expansion in the short term will hire more than thirty to forty people, the end will begin the second phase expansion project, and in the square perimeter create a "pet street."

Central checkout
Aquarium Plaza has a central checkout, a good selection in the shop or your favorite fish aquarium supplies, the clerk will open for you alone, took the documents to the central checkout you can easily pay. At the same time you pay, the clerk will give you the option to prepare and packaged products can be returned immediately removed, and convenient. You can also store documents from several shops, a one-off payment, a lump removed as an optional product, easy and convenient.

Indoor Air fish regardless of Teenage
Air formerly in Goldfish fish to clear one shop and out, on both sides of the pavement but not too broad, hot rain days is even more find any. Aquarium Plaza Hong Kong is another world, indoor air open around the clock, and high ceilings; whether human or fish, they are really a cool and cool!

Specialty fish
Square aquarium fish variety, including saltwater fish, freshwater fish, goldfish, carp, reef fish, tropical fish, coral, etc., more features are jellyfish, laser tattoo colored parrot fish and fish. To the number of the most special, the most popular fish, of course, sharks! Aquarium Plaza where a shop, set up a large fish tank, keeping the number of species of sharks inside, they continue to swim fast, looks though a bit fierce, and yet childlike, is another Air fish to enjoy.

Hong Kong Aquarium Plaza provides a one-stop service selling fish and aquarium supplies, fish fans gathering, family enjoyment, the good place for dating couples. Parents who want to tease the children happy, you can buy a clown fish at home, let the kids enjoy their lovely swimming. Boys Xiangnong little fun, then you can buy two large colorful parrot fish (red, orange, blue, green, purple for selection), so that they in pairs swim in girlfriend home!

Available wish to walk it!

Hong Kong Aquarium Plaza
Address: King 1010-1056, East Point Centre, (Tai Koo MTR Station Exit B)
Enquiries: 25720163
URL: www.seacoral.net