Hong Kong specialties food 2

Cart noodles

Hong Kong's an inexpensive pasta. Small stalls selling cooked food packed streets, trafficking cart noodles placed metal wood car made ​​"cooking grid", respectively, with pasta and ingredients, ingredients usually have fish balls, beef balls, pig, pig red, radish, etc. parity dishes. Customers can freely choose the ingredients for the pasta, usually more than 10 dollars you can eat meal.


Fish ball noodles

Fish ball noodles are smooth fine Guilin rice noodle with ground fish, pork bone soup as soup, with fish balls, beef balls, fried meatloaf, steak, crackers, cloud annexation, Fish, fresh onions for the ingredients made ​​from rice flour savory smooth entrance, each with its own flavor of the ingredients are, if more authentic chili sauce served with (oil) is even awake spicy appetizer.


Fish ball noodles originally Chaozhou cuisine, about dynasty began to spread to Guangzhou. Today, business Chaozhou fish ball noodles snack has been in Guangzhou everywhere, but this food has already lost a long time for in Chaozhou, Chaozhou asked people even now do not know what that fish ball noodles. Hong Kong snacks everywhere, fish ball noodles in Hong Kong have also become meals taste. Online Shengzhuan Wang Sai Yeung Choi Street corner fish ball noodles most authentic, and Hong Kong as a sign shop - Aberdeen fish ball noodles have branches here.

Three of a Kind

This is a common kind of three Hong Kong street food collectively. Similar practices and the meat stuffed tofu, crumbled mess is to stir the mud fish stuffed in eggplant, green peppers and tofu these three foods, then put the pan fried, so called "fried", "stuffed", "Sambo . "When eating bamboo string would normally use, like a fish egg same. Remarriage on the sauce. In addition to these three kinds of food outside, occasionally there will be big dace stuffed mushrooms, stuffed with sausage, wonton skins, sausage, peppers, etc.