Must Experience in Hong Kong

1. Peak night
If your camera's memory card is enough to take a photo of Hong Kong , you will choose the chance to stay Where ? I think at least 5 percent or more passengers will choose to Victoria Peak , overlooking Victoria Harbour on this , feel the city's restless, endless, enormous energy . This is the world's best harbor is one of the greatest skyline . Even people in Hong Kong will never tired of enjoying this place. It seems to have awoke us to think the meaning of life .


How to get there : Metro Central , the cable car station in the garden street ride the cable car has a 120-year history of direct balance , the Peak Tram Sky Pass ( Peak Tram Sky Terrace ) . Adult forth HK $ 56 Child and Elderly HK $ 26. Also at the Central Station Exit C straight through Des Voeux Road Central , Jubilee Street, turn left case , about 10 minutes walk Levels escalator ride ( Hong Kong film " Chungking Express ", the police played Tony escalator ride to work, actress Faye Wong peering from his apartment window ) to terminate Conduit Road , then walk for about one hour board to the top.
2. Tinker Tram Tours
" Ding " , " ding " , from his pocket and 2 yuan coins can begin our tour of the tram . To enjoy the experience of the city is full of local characteristics of the landscape , mouth-watering cuisine and a unique history and culture , the best is to get on the tram , leisurely journey of the beautiful Exploration Tour . Back in 1904 , the Hong Kong Tramways has something to walk between Hong Kong Island . Over the centuries , witnessed the Hong Kong Tramways charm city thrive . Today, with the tram in Hong Kong is still the most efficient and affordable public transport , becoming an important part of people's daily lives , we are much more simply call it " ding " , full of intimacy ! At present , the company owns and operates trams 163 passenger trams , including two featuring antique tram , the average daily ridership of 230,000 people, is the world's largest remaining double-decker tram fleet . Preferably from the intense nostalgia pervades the Sai Wan began Tram Tour . Here is the place where early Chinese poly area . Old bazaar Western Market witnessed over one hundred years of changing times , turn two bends is known far and wide for traditional shopping street , the ginseng and bird's nest , seafood and even herbs to make your breath smell quaint old Hong Kong , passes through Central, Wan Chai , Causeway Bay, racecourse , Tin Hau Taikoo arrive . Do not worry about getting lost, do not worry about time . All to the tram driver , ready to get on the train !
3. Star Ferry
In 1963, a white American architect Buhuozhinian realize that to make time to pursue his dream of doing a painter , came to Hong Kong ready to concentrate on painting. To Hong Kong 's first day on the Star Ferry encounter an incomparably beautiful oriental beauty " Suzie Wong ." A sentimental love story unfold since then . This is the Hollywood movie " World of Suzie Wong ," the opening . If you are also looking forward to your trip to Hong Kong also has such eclectic story , do not miss the Star Ferry .
From 1888 , a man named Dorabjee Naorojee Mithaiwala Persian Zoroastrians established Kowloon ferry company began counting ferry services . Hong Kong Star Ferry service over a hundred years . In recent years by the National Geographic Traveler magazine as the "Life 50 must- see" attractions one .

Star Ferry Victoria Harbour choice for travelers exploring ways every few minutes or ten minutes there a bound for the other side. The past 30 years , despite the cross-harbor tunnel buses and underground railways to join the competition , but still relatively low by virtue of their harbor fees and enjoying the advantages of maritime scenery , attracting over 70,000 visitors a day traveling between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon both sides of the peninsula . In the morning and evening, any time between 8:00 ferry ride is a rare experience , whether you have been to Hong Kong many times , to catch the ferry harbor views , such as watching movies like the lens moves up and still be stunning elegance of her fans fall.

Hey , even if you have not met Suzie Wong ...
Note: In the Star Ferry 's website you can download the ferry schedule , or choose their arrangements Harbour Tour . Ferry company also provides charter wedding or party services.
4. Central Market
Central, Hong Kong ? Towering buildings, trendy stylish shops , dense transportation network extending in all directions , designer bank buildings , container terminal as a mountain , English displaced , white collar . Yes, welcome to the heart of Asia's world city . But you will find wandering love modesty and noble gesture Central is just the face of a large number of Hong Kong .

There is a gap in the high-rise another one or will disappear in Hong Kong . Shoe before placing a few buckets, Lily Rose is still inside random . Stood before a seafood store boxes of spot shrimp , spinach green bounced next door stalls , and bounced to the ground , startled housewife to pick it up , to the fishmongers . Shy belly holding knife butcher chopping meat is ooh ooh , tempered cutting boards have been recessed into a shallow bowl . Hunchbacked old woman carrying a dish , a step by step into the crowd , though crowded , she still not panic disorder , obviously already familiar with her ​​feet on the ground every bump , the eyes of folks know each booth . Older Markets constitute a unique architectural space in Hong Kong , but also constitutes a part of the lives of Hong Kong folk culture. It represents the people of Hong Kong diverse , tolerant , flexible and humane side. Presumptuous , simple, authentic and warm . This is also a staging ground for traditional shops .


Walked in Central axis of Gage Street your stomach can get adequate space . ABC Cake Shop No. 1 , produced exclusively traditional Chinese pastries, store Shandong moon cake day booming. The 2nd Lan Fong Yuen stockings tea, smooth mellow . The 7th New King Kee seaweed fish ball is the best cuisine in the ring , will sell sallow sea seafood balls to the unique system , fragrant fragrance . The 9th of French foie gras shop , on the 18th of rice into the Eternal franchise groceries , home pro boil ten Gong porridge, rice mixed with buckwheat millet , convenient gluttonous . No. 22 The Man Kee pork business, where roads neat fresh pork hanging in the stalls . Corner opposite the lady , called America Sao that operates this small shop has a cycle of sixty years , Monopoly bananas and peanuts. 60 years of precarious , which experienced this Mid- life story of how the waist ?
5. Cafes
Most came to Hong Kong travel or business person will because of the local cuisine and impressed. Hong Kong Tourism Board Hong Kong in the field of promotion when they forget to remind travelers Hong Kong is the culinary capital . Hong Kong-style diet is probably good carrier segment culture .

Hong Kong invention cafes, are civilians, rough version of the restaurant , the ordinary man in the street is an indispensable part of life . Breakfast coffee, oil and more ( butter toast ) or egg sandwich ( egg sandwich ) , midday beef fried rice noodles , ham, macaroni ' afternoon tea with pineapple buns . Supper Juan Chu Grilled rice or cream ( cream ) High Italian chicken powder ( pasta ) ...... abundant and inexpensive Chinese and Western dishes and packages, diversified services. Cafes can make meals for the neighborhood get together appropriateness .

Space , such as an individual 's diet on Temple Street , Yau Ma Tei beauty are the dining room , or even among the landmarks of Hong Kong , and one cause is not purely from eating itself .

1950 door pick up date, the United States are tearoom witnessed ups and downs in the city . Start from the corner from the moment you if through a time machine , mosaic tile tile walls, retro and have a difficult process , a short flight of stairs , showing a variety of materials and patterns have flat Minato , such as mosaic, teak , rubber , aluminum , stainless steel, glass , but did not significantly confusion vulgar. Across the entire second floor of a large bar window walls on both sides , the side facing the side facing the Banyan Tree Temple , sitting in the spacious window, trance exposure Yaumatei two of the most interesting among the outdoor public space .

Everywhere in restaurants in Hong Kong , old-fashioned cafes are accumulated by human accessibility and sophistication , is the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures unique to Hong Kong polish atmosphere. Whether it is a cup of tea , or baked pork chop rice duck , in this space , the air was filled with not only the food delicious , but also accumulated through the years from a fine and refined , as well as the city turns back dry the ways of the world , as well as the store itself for quality of life and aesthetics Chengzhuan Jian held , people appreciate the most authentic spirit of Hong Kong .

How to get there : 63 Temple Street , Yau Ma Tei , Kowloon Tel 2384-6402 Time : 7:00 am11: 00pm Metro : Yau Ma Tei Station Exit C
6. Wong Kar-wai
A. Let us know what Hong Kong people do not call pipe canned pineapple , canned pineapple , canned pineapple to call .
B. Let us know what Hong Kong people love sunglasses , like Chongqing forest Brigitte Lin and Wong Kar-wai at any time .
C. Let us know a man named Hong Kong Chungking Mansions place . Countless pilgrims king pink camel -like yearning here .
BUT, even without the Wong Kar-wai " Chungking Express " rendering, 36 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 's Chungking Mansions as famous for . "Time" magazine had to be a " best in Asia ," the news topics . Chungking Mansions named " Best model of globalization ." During that period the magazine , writer Liam Fitzpatrick use such words to describe this place :
Asia no where like Tsim Sha Tsui General This diversity - not the Shanghai Xintiandi , not Thailand Khao San Road , not even Japan Roppongi . Located in the top of the Chungking Mansions in Tsim Sha Tsui , such as a huge castle . Local scholars Matthews also stationed in this year investigation , he has by checking Hotel unofficial statistics record 120 different nationalities of visitors , 20% of flows to the continent and the building of mobile phones from riding on ... into this humble appearance , this drift curry flavor , perfume smell , betel residue and international travelers appreciate from the moment you enter the building had already started upbeat cortex . The biggest driving force in strange unpredictable future arising from curiosity. Being worn and appears dark , because dark and seem mysterious . Walk around it around the body like blood vessels like good and bad wires thick fine new old are covered with climbing tangled extension the entire building .
And out here every day some big businesses in Africa , with more than 200,000 pocket dollars, will be a container of cloth garments transported back businessman ; There Nepal, Pakistan, India and other countries in the establishment of national independence isolated world. Some seek shelter but do not care about what 's passing , some here Retriever identity, culture stranger , as well as young backpackers from around the world ............ from dawn to evening, from early morning to late at night , here are say End of story , like New York 's Harlem , like Paris 's 13th district , like the British Lundui Tang complex but rich people area of the plot .
This is a no pulse of the city 's buildings, but there are self-survival melody. Borrow Imagist poet Ezra Pound 's famous song " subway station" : the specter of these faces in the crowd generally appeared ; wet black branches of many petals.
7. Temple Street Night Market
"I always thought that Hong Kong's culture is a culture of belonging Temple , Temple Street was once the bottom of Hong Kong people living in one place , where there are the most expensive commodity , some performers , musicians , performers , Hong Kong films is so deeply rooted in and reflect culture, but I do not therefore feel ashamed for our film , because the film came from Hong Kong and serve the general public . "
- Chairman of the Hong Kong Film Awards , Hong Kong veteran filmmaker Gordon Chan May 2010 Temple Street in Yau Ma Tei , Kowloon , Hong Kong's most famous open-air market. Two points north and south , because the middle there is a temple named Temple . Temple Street in Hong Kong Longshehunza land, is also the land of Hong Kong early fireworks , so when you can watch a lot of amusement Temple sale of pirated , counterfeit and pornographic things stalls and roadside buildings more visible as the next person soliciting a prostitute . Many of our films on several occasions with the theme of Temple Street and made ​​into a movie in the viewfinder . Temple Street area, there are four temples , all concentrated in the Public Square Street nearby.

Temple Street is a shopping so much land , it would say that this is the place you recall juvenile mind . Temple , swaying dim bare bulbs, imitation watches are hawkers rub bright , wearing vintage fortune teller , cheap commodity pipeline design , food vendors peddle , qigong, a Chinese pharmacy , as well as invisible fireworks prostitute . It appeared numerous times in the Hong Kong film you across time and space through the town with its eyes wide screen video halls have common breathing. At the moment you are standing B grade film director favorite scene in Hong Kong , I know, you're waiting for a such as " Prince of Temple Street " Young and Dangerous generally kill staged. Or , find a fortune teller , such as " Rouge" in Meigu played flower, ask your husband to wait , " ... today Tiangeyifang difficult to meet, silent evening scene is cool day boat you a right to live according to the Air sun Shuangfeiyan , Du Yi Peng window quietly ...... thinking . " Or, in the crowd in search of " Endless Love " in the Temple Street busker 's daughter Amin ... Temple Street Night Market will open every day around 4 pm , divined Xiangming and lakes acrobat concentrated in Banyan Tree .

How to get there : 1. MTR Jordan Station Exit A , turn right and walk three blocks along Jordan Road , which amounts to Temple Street . 2 MTR Yau Ma Tei Station Exit C , walk to the edge of civilization in the Temple .
8. Lotus House
Some old seats whirring ceiling fan , an ancient wall clock on the wall , did not call number chits , to find their own place ...... Lotus House is located in Central Hong Kong is not really anyway pomp . But if the time in Hong Kong, 48 hours , only a tasting snacks arranged to chance , many local diners would recommend you go to Lotus House . This century- old franchise Museum crisp pastry cake food originated in 1889 in Guangzhou city west corner, after having been moved to Hong Kong . Although both in the business is already off the hook, but can also be said to be homologous to different branches. With seeds to produce confectionery fillings, making it a unique style , attracting guests . Dynasty, cake cakes museum was renamed " Lotus House ", in order to ensure the quality of bakery , shop strict selection when the annual Hunan lotus . As the production stress, whether it is morning tea, lunch , dinner , and when so many people are not selling services , nor the environment, food quality itself alone . If you do not taste the lotus seed paste buns , chicken rice , eight treasures duck, barbecued pork , steamed fish cloud , chicken tie , cotton chicken , horse cake , do not get up and leave .

By the way , if you want to go home with a souvenir , gift boxes beaming front of the store was indeed the best choice.

160-164 Wellington Street , Central,
Enquiries :852 -25,444,556
Traffic : Central MTR Exit D2 and walk about 5 minutes to Lan Kwai Fong
Spending Budget: $ 40 - $ 100